About Us

BlackTooth Excursions

Here to Make Your High Mountain Excursion Unforgettable

We, owners Adam and Claudia Todd, invite you to saddle up and join us on a remote, high country pack trip in the spectacular Bighorn National Forest, tailored to you.  Enjoy the best Wyoming has to offer in trout fishing and back country scenery while taking in some relaxation and horseback riding.

We are a family owned and operated business that provides incredible summer trips in the Big Horn mountains of Northeastern Wyoming. Our camps are kid and family friendly.  Whether you are looking for a peaceful family vacation or trip with all your fishing buddies, you won’t find a better place than BlackTooth Excursions.

Adam & Claudia Todd – Owners/Hosts

Having assisted with the Flat Iron and Gem Lake camps for the 15 years, and exclusively operated them last 3 years, packing for 17 years and guiding fisherman for 28, we’ve covered nearly every inch of the Bighorn Mountains and know what it take to make a getaway great.

Join us for the excursion of a lifetime…we pledge to make your experience unforgettable.

We’ll help make your adventure come to life.

Offering two separate camps, Flat Iron Lake and Gem Lake, we can design an excursion with the focus of your choice. Whether it’s Fishing, Relaxation, Corporate Retreats, Hiking, or you name it, we’ll customize the perfect getaway for you.

Experience an exceptional trout fishing camping excursion just a half day’s ride into the Bighorns at our Flat Iron Lake camp. Looking for a shorter ride, with some modern amenities? Customize an excursion to our Gem Lake camp, with flexible time frames and cell phone reception.